About Us

Welcome To Therassage

Therassage was founded with one purpose in mind. To assist people on their health and wellness journey, focusing on the relaxation and recovery of their mind and body.

 Health and wellness has increasingly become a conscious decision for millions of people around the world. Studies have statistically proven that many people are making lifestyle changes that have positive impacts on their mind and body such as indulging in the practice of yoga, gym training, acupuncture, pilates, and muscle therapy to name a few. With health & wellness becoming more and more popular, I had a strong desire to contribute to peoples health journey, whether they were a beginner or taking their journey to the next level. 

Even though physical health practices are widely beneficial, most apply lots of pressure and stress on the body. This is when I had my Eureka moment. This is how the idea of offering therapeutic massage products came about and how Therassage was born.

Therassage products can be used by anyone however they are popular for those who engage in sport and physical activities, muscle therapy, those who may suffer from a body or muscle illness, and those simply looking for added relaxation and convenience.

The Therassage team are committed in providing you high quality massage products. We are deeply dedicated in providing you nothing less than 100% quality friendly customer service. We are here for you 24/7. 


 -Team Therassage