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Luxury Smart Massage Chair

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Own A Massage Chair That does It All!

Who doesn’t love the spa. Having a masseuse press up on your body relieving body stress is such a therapeutic sensation. Now imagine being able to enjoy that experience every single day in the comfort of your home. Amazing right!! The Ayiyun massage chair has features that will keep your entire body relaxed and mind at ease. This massage chair is absolute luxury! You can own one at an affordable price.


- Bluetooth Music

- Multi point airbag surroundings

- Thai foot massage roller 

- AI intelligence system

- LCD remote control 

- Silent air pump

- U shaped massage pillow

- LCD touch screen display 

- Starry atmosphere lighting

- 4D massagers

- Leather cushions

- Heating system



Whole body relaxation

Increases blood circulation 

Advanced vibrational healing

Improves posture

Relieves muscle tension and spasms 

Peace of mind